Graduation Gifts – College Must Haves

As I mentioned in a previous post, my brother and Thomas’ sister graduated from high school last weekend. I’m normally kind of a terrible gift buyer (because I’m cheap), but I get excited about crafting gifts for the ones I love.

For their graduation gifts, I wanted to get them some things they would find useful in their everyday college lives. So, after scouring Pinterest for a few days, I decided on a fun gift basket of college must haves.

If you want to make a graduation basket, here’s what you’ll need:

We went on a shopping spree to get things we considered musts for college. This could include anything from school supplies, to dorm decor, to snacks.

We grabbed these storage baskets from Target for $3 each.

I also printed this cute label for the baskets, just to give them a more personal touch.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, put the baskets together in a way that you deem cute.

The “Boy Basket.”

The “Girl Basket” (includes a sewing kit).

Our siblings loved their gifts, and we’re really happy with how they turned out. Each basket cost less than $40 total, and I think they’ll find the supplies really useful once they’re living away from home.


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